Virsa Beginnings

Virsa Beginnings


My name is Irfan and I am a Creative Designer for Virsa Menswear and this is my first ever blog! I am 32 years old and I’ve always had a passion for fashion at a young age and I have always wanted look trendy and different.

I felt that within the Asian market the Shalwar Kameez design had stagnated where the look has never evolved. As I was growing up I began experimenting with Asian clothes mixing it up with “western” clothing and trying to give it a different look.

Adam (Director of Virsa Menswear) and I have shared numerous conversations in how we could change mens fashion in particular within the Asian market. We both started to research the market and looked at Asian stores within UK to see whether anyone created the look that we both envisioned. Fortunate for us we found that no one offered the products that we wanted to create.

Rewind to the start of 2015, both of us started to design products using a template and pen, taking inspiration from high street fashion as this is what we wanted to create – fusing western fashion into eastern clothing.

After countless creative design sessions we decided to travel to Pakistan and India to meet manufacturers to pitch our design, style and look.

One year on we have built a solid foundation and are looking to expand our product lines with even more creative designs never seen before.


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