About Us

Virsa Menswear is a new clothing brand offering unique and stylish Shalwar Kameez, Jubah and Sherwani designs. Virsa Menswear aims to break the barriers in the market by creating truly distinctive designs; ultimately appealing to the fashion conscious individual.

The name 'Virsa' derives from the Urdu word 'heritage'. This is the foundation of where our clothing takes it roots. With a touch of modern influence, Virsa Menswear incorporates eastern clothing with western high street fashion.

We pride ourselves on being creative and trendy and are not afraid to go beyond the status quo. We want individuals to rediscover their heritage and we believe that our product will stand out from the crowd.

Using high quality material sourced from around the world and combined with a competitive pricing policy, we believe we can be your ultimate Mens fashion choice. 

Opening Hours
Monday 12PM - 7PM
Tuesday 12PM - 7PM
Wednesday 12PM - 7PM
Thursday 12PM - 7PM
Friday 3PM - 7PM
Saturday Appointment Only
Sunday Appointment Only

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